Commercial Insurance

Missouri is among the top ten places to do business in the United States. Most entrepreneurs believe that the future remains bright as the standards of living rise. However, it's not all cakes and ale. Some risks could bring your investment down unless you manage them effectively. Tri-lakes Insurance Group believes in being part of the solution to minimize risks and support the business community through the provision of commercial insurance.

Tri-Lake Insurance Group's Commercial Insurance Coverage

Professional Coverage

When running a company, a client can sue you for negligence and underperformance. Without a professional coverage or errors and omissions, you can lose money paying hefty fines. Such coverage can be customized to suit your business needs. Since there is no one-size-fits-all coverage, our agents will help you.

Commercial Property Coverage

Your business premise is vital. It doesn't matter whether you own the space or are leasing. It is your place of operation and needs coverage. The property policy extends beyond the building to include your furniture, equipment, and inventory.

Workers Compensation Coverage

The day an employee walks into your business, workers compensation becomes compulsory. The coverage protects employees from injury, medical expenses, disability, and even death benefits. Without such a coverage, you will have to incur huge losses in addition to hefty fines in court.

Product Liability Coverage

Are you a manufacturer in Missouri? Product liability coverage is perfect for you. It protects you from lawsuits resulting from faulty or unsafe products mentioned in lawsuits. We can customize the coverage to fit in your line of manufacturing.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Company vehicles must be insured against liability in case of accidents. At least they must have third-party coverage.

Business Interruption Coverage

If an event renders your business unoperational, you suffer the loss of income that not only affects your business but also the lives of your employees. Our interruption policy replaces the lost income during this time.

For investors in Missouri looking for commercial insurance, get in touch with Tri-Lakes Insurance Group for customized policies. We can walk you through the insurance process and help you get started on a policy.