Auto Insurance

Did you know that 90% of Missouri residents depend on personal vehicles to commute? That implies that a significant amount of time is spent on the road every day. Tri-lakes Insurance Group appreciates the hard work residents go through as they go to work. If you are searching for auto coverage, don't hesitate to visit our offices or call us.

Missouri Auto Insurance Options

Understanding various options for you in your quest for auto insurance is crucial. Here are some of them.

Liability Coverage

In Missouri, liability coverage is a requirement. It can either be bodily injury or personal property. In case of an accident that you are found liable, the liability coverage comes to your rescue and pays for any damages caused. The coverage also pays the medical bills of an injured party.

Collision Coverage

Once you buy a car, you need to think about what happens in case you hit something. This can be another car, a stone, rail, or post. Collision coverage ensures you don't pay for the damages on your car with your money. Instead, the insurance company pays on your behalf.

Comprehensive Coverage

Now that you have taken care of collision and liabilities, what about other risks such as theft, storms, riots, and floods? This is where comprehensive coverage becomes essential. It safeguards your car against such losses.

Uninsured/ Underinsured

When driving down the road, you have no idea what amount or type of coverage other drivers have. Some of them might be underinsured or even uninsured. It makes things difficult when you are involved in an accident with them because their coverage is inadequate to pay for damages and medical expenses. Fortunately, underinsured or uninsured policies protect you.

Medical Expense Coverage

When traveling, you may have the company of a friend. Protecting them in case of an accident is paramount. The medical coverage meets their medical bills.

Tri-lakes Insurance Group is dedicated to making Missouri roads safe for everyone. To achieve this, kindly get auto insurance coverage and meet state requirements. Call us today or visit our offices to speak with an agent and get a quote, or try our online rating tool.